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  • Professional Wedding Photographer | ANGEL CANARY

    I am always honored when a bride and groom chooses me to document their wedding day. Capturing their moments, details and portraits on one of the happiest days of their lives gives me bragging rights - I do have the best job in the world. Just being surrounded by all of that love and joy is an emotion that cannot be described with words. I have been extraordinary blessed that I get paid to travel around the country capturing love with my camera. From Boston, to New York, to Chicago, to Texas and all the way to California and beyond - my clients live all across this great country.

    I have a gorgeous photography studio located close to downtown Indianapolis - full of natural light and a lot of simply lovely props.

    My Quote.

    "I am young enough to have fun & enjoy life, old enough to know life is too short to waste and not leave a mark in this world." Angel Canary

    "The moments of joy, love & beauty captured in a photograph will outlive our lifetime, but in it, we live on forever." Angel Canary

    The Skinny.

    I'm obsessed with Kate Spade (their crazy marketing gets me every time) - love all things fashion and dare I say, girly. Sephora receives half of my income but don't tell my husband. I am workaholic and coffee is my best friend. Ice cold bottled Starbucks Vanilla Frappuccino to be exact. I love my home gym and staying active. I have a craft room that I use more for client branding than anything - but if you ever need ribbon I likely have over 200 spools on hand. And Pinterest - okay, I'm not even going to admit how much I adore this site... I'm crazy eclectic - my objects of affections can be light and airy and pastel and equally bright bold color makes my heart skip a beat. This is fabulous for my line of work because I'm versatile, but horrible for my cute little mint blue Kate Spade pocket book with a bow on it as it really gets me in trouble when shopping, ha!

    The Story.

    I have been an artist (yes, I can paint and draw and have statewide awards for my art) and a photographer of some sort for most of my life. Alas, my teachers always kept most of my artwork to show future students, but the photos I took for the yearbook staff starting at age 10 will forever live on in print. I was educated as a child and all of my years in school, in gifted magnet schools that were specialized for children that were gifted as well as artistic. My teachers shaped my life and have made me what I have become today - and for that I owe them my life. Teachers carry a special place in my heart.

    I have captured hundreds of love stories over the years and I live, breathe and dream about weddings and photography. It's my passion.

    I like to say I get to play dress up with the girls in the studio, so I love to collect, design and sew various types of fashion clothing - not excluding adult sized tutus.

    I am blessed that I can share my love of art and photography with the world, and I am thankful that the world lets me.

Indianapolis Wedding Photographer – Available for Travel around the US

Hello Lovely!  Simply hover a photo to view the title, and if you would like to view the full post, simply click on that photo to view it.  

I always like to start with how much of an honor it is to even be considered to capture a bride and groom’s special day! I have captured hundreds of love stories, and I cannot imagine doing anything other than documenting love. There is no greater joy than to know that I presented a couple with photographs that will show their love for each other and that they can share those memories with their children, their grandchildren and for many generations to come. That is just an amazing blessing.

I am an Indianapolis wedding photographer with a studio based in historical downtown. I specialize in Wedding Photography, and travel and work world wide. My focus is on weddings and engagement sessions. I also love to photograph portraits, editorial and fashion commercial portraits.

I am happy to announce that we running our annual Love is in The Air Special!  As a bonus – we are offering our videography services for weddings at rates beginning as low as $1000.  Please contact me using the contact tab above if you are interested.  We have a LIMITED amount of bookings available.  

I have mingled in video and started capturing videos at weddings since late 2008 and it’s a love affair that has been growing.  For the 2016 wedding season we will be offering both photography and video services.  Cinematography and photography, I believe, were always meant to be united to capture all of the stills and fluidity of the wedding day. 

I love photographing outdoors – outdoor ceremonies are one of my favorite types of weddings! I also love working at fabulous hotels like the Omni, Columbia Club and the JW Marriott (but I still like going outdoors for portraits).

I am a lover of natural light and my portfolio reflects my love of light in photos. I swoon over the little details of the day – from the wedding shoes to the invitations to the reception decor – I love to photograph each and every detail.

You will notice that I vary in my style from gorgeous airy pastels to rich and bold colors. This is always dependent on our clients and the style of their wedding details.  I am extremely eclectic and versatile. This is perfect for my job, but it does get me into a little bit of trouble when shopping …

My clients are happy, joyful and full of love. Their beauty radiates from within. My clients always trust my sense of judgement with light and let me do what I do best to capture their love story.   I’m very open minded and love change and variety in locations – as long as we have good light, I’m happy.  

I offer all day event coverage to ensure that I photograph all of the bridal and wedding day details, portraits, formals and all of the many, many moments in between on the wedding day – giving my clients a complete documentation of their wedding day.  

I have traveled across the nation photographing events – however there are still a few places that I haven’t traveled to or would LOVE to visit again – Oregon, Utah, Colorado, New York, California, Florida, New Mexico, Washington, Lafayette, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, Texas, Michigan, South Bend, Arizona, Hanover, Louisiana, Illinois, Wyoming, Boston, Nevada, and Hawaii to name a few (hint hint).